Dry Ice Blasting For The Plastic Injection Mould Industry

May 19, 2016

Dry Ice Blasting For The Plastic Injection Mould Industry


Dry Ice Blasting has many uses across a huge range of applications and industries. After using the technology for nearly 10 years we are still finding new avenues and machinery that requires the process and because of this dry ice blasting never ceases to amaze us.

One of the very first industries where we used dry ice blasting was in the plastic injection moulding sector and, I believe, it is still one of the top 3 uses for dry ice blasting technology in the UK.

The reasons for this are simple. Dry ice blasting is the fastest way to remove a tarnished release agent from inside a plastic injection mould press. It is also the best way to remove 100% of the contaminant, especially in the hard to access valleys and crevices of the tool.                                             Plastic Injection Mould.jpg

We have a short video here of dry ice blasting being used on an injection mould tool. The release agent on this particular mould is of a clear substance, and so invisible to the eye, making it hard to remove by chemical and cloth. You can clearly see the speed at which the agent is removed. No damage. No dust. No water residue. This mould is ready to go straight back into the injection mould press after dry ice blasting has taken place.

And the result for this particular company are, not only a massive saving in lost downtime, but a plastic injection mould that won’t produce drag marks on the product it is producing. A saving not only in increased production, but also in product rejection levels.

So, all in all, dry ice blasting for the plastic injection mould industry has many, many positives and hardly any negatives. No wonder it is still top 3!


By Ian Reynolds


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