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Dry ice Blasting vs Bead/Shot/Soda Blasting

Jun 04, 2013

We have been using blast cleaning procedures for our industrial cleaning branch (Reynolds Cleaning - for 20 years now. So why the sudden 'push' into dry ice blast cleaning?

I truly believe that dry ice blasting is the most versatile heavy industrial cleaning solution around to this day. I have been so impressed with the results achieved that, as a company owner, i have branched away from Reynolds Cleaning and branded it in its own right, hence the emergence of Optimum Dry Ice Blasting!

Why? Various reasons really  - niche micro industry, massive scope to promote, huge potential etc etc. But the main reason is that i truly believe that Dry Ice Blasting just 'works'. It will never be as abrasive as shot blasting, but when we are cleaning a delicate peice of machinery, why do we want it to be! It will never be as quick as bead blasting, but we can't blast with bead indoors! And dry ice will never be as cheap to buy as Soda, but we can save on labour costs as we can cut down on the messy secondary clean up soda requires! 

Just a few reason why i have bought into dry ice rather than all the other media i have blasted with over the years.

The industry is still finding its feet, but believe us when i say 'watch this space'.

By Ian Reynolds


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