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Optimum Dry Ice Blasting - Power Generation

Apr 27, 2014

I would just like to say thank you and congratulations to my back office team for all of their hard work in winning the Brimsdowne contract.

We were up against some well-established service providers and a couple of blue chip companies, which makes winning the tender an even bigger achievement.

The PQQ/Tender phase of any contract award is never easy for SME’s like ourselves, with lots of point scoring weighted towards larger companies.

However, we have recently seen a change in attitude, especially at pre-qualifying level, where it seems large blue chip companies are seeing the benefits of using smaller companies and SME’s.

The power generation sector can also be notoriously difficult to gain a foothold in, especially with a new technology such as dry ice blasting.

I’d better start making sure I know my Rotor Windings from my HRSG !

By Ian Reynolds.


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